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A salmon leaping in the sun reflects a multiverse of rainbow color but a convict standing on the gallows casts back only darkness. Why is the man who lingers at the gas station saying nothing, eyes alert, called simple while another who takes to the mountains and forsakes the power of speech worshiped as an avatar? What exactly is the link between cause and effect? Using a unique blend of ambient power electronics and guitar as a pallette, Ambusher’s Mathias Kolehmainen, Robert Sullivan and Karl Heintz Weisse-Strasser explore a new paradigm in empathetic sonic expression. Ambusher was founded at the 143rd running of the Kentucky Derby and features former members of Lendex, GtrCntr, BNMNMX, Will to Dawn, DoVS and Grace Jones. Climb atop the Ambusher sound and ride your dream around the third turn. Whip the willing steed to the front of the pack and don’t stop until you’ve conquered the horizon. Ambusher sound. Ambusher vision. Ambusher.


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